Come join us in the celebrate of yoga...draw you energies from breath, the earth, the sun, the moon...we salute them all!          &  Gods and Goddesses!  Learn the history, myths, and legends behind many of your favorite yoga poses!

We enjoyed the Almost Total Solar Eclipse, 8-21-17, 9:45  - 11:00 am @ Yoga Santa Anita.  The solar eclipse invites completely new perspectives, people, events, life changes in our worlds. According to ancient wisdom, the solar eclipse will force you to face buried negative emotions, to allow you to bring light into dark depths of the unconscious mind. This cosmic phenomenon is a great opportunity to set intentions to connect with your higher self, to draw in greater awareness, and manifest new abundance.

Join us at these gentle, multi-level Ashtanga yoga classes. Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit through yoga’s physical asanas, and learn breathing, healing and relaxation techniques.  Classes are multi-level, so everyone can benefit!

  "Inhale, exhale, inhale.....ahhhhhh."     Buddha