Balance is the Key in Life.


Elise Alvarez is a certified Yoga Teacher, who, for sixteen years, studied Ashtanga Yoga with Rupa Subramanyam, a teacher of traditional Indian yoga. Elise has been teaching at the City of Monrovia’s Community Center since 2010, City of Hope since 2012, and other venues in the San Gabriel Valley  (see schedules).

She works with adults of all  abilities, and inspires them to develop strength and flexibility, while cultivating patience as they develop a more mindful physical life.  Learn pranayama (breathing for strength and relaxation),  mudras (healing yourself with your own touch), techniques for meditation and relaxation.  Her classes emphasize the importance of consciously coordinating movements with breath, improving posture, alignment, and flexibility while building strength and increased awareness of body and mind… not just during class, but throughout the day.

Ashtanga Vinyasa: 

A mix of synchronized breathing and progressive postures, Ashtanga classes provide you with a purifying body yoga workout. You'll develop focus and patience as you increase your flexibility, overall strength, and balance. Classes are for all skill levels with modifications available  to suit most individual student needs.



Santa Anita Church requires a one time waiver;  please bring completed form to your first class.

Wear comfortable, layered clothes, no fresh cologne/strong frangrances, and bring a mat.

Please arrive on time;  please do not enter after 15-20 minutes,  since you have missed the warm up and are distrupting everyone's peace.

Throughout class, breathe comfortably, listen to your body, do only what is comfortable for you today....and enjoy:)